Tidewater Presbytery

Presbyterian Church in America

This is the News Section of Tidewater Presbytery.
Meetings of Presbytery and General Assembly are listed along with quick links to important PCA Ministries. 

Pulpit Supply of the Tidewater Presbytery is located here:


The Stated meetings of the Tidewater Presbytery shall be on the:

  · First Saturday in February
  · Second Thursday in May
  · First Thursday in October

Special meetings shall be called in accordance with BCO 13-12

Our Next Meeting of Tidewater Presbytery will be held on
   Thursday, October 5th, 2023 in the meeting area of:

Hope Presbyterian Church  
  13490 Benns Church Blvd
  Smithfield, VA 23430
  Telephone: (757) 542-3733

The worship service starts at 4:30 pm.
For a map of the church location, select the Church Name.

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50th PCA General Assembly will be held in Memphis, TN from June 13 – June 16, 2023:

· For Information: pcaac.org/general-assembly/

· For General Assembly Mobile Apps: pcaac.org/general-assembly/general-assembly-apps/

All the General Assembly documents – including the Commissioner Handbook and the onsite reports – will be available in May 2023 to registered commissioners using ShareFile. 

Click HERE to download the ShareFile app today!

49th PCA General Assembly, "Purified to Proclaim," was in Birmingham, AL from June 21 – June 24, 2022: 

  · Click HERE for Actions of the 49th General Assembly in a report from byFaith.

  · Click HERE for Stated Clerk’s Summary and Reflections on the 49th General Assembly.

   · For the Korean translation of the Stated Clerk’s Summary and Reflections on the 49th General Assembly, Click HERE.

  · Click HERE to see the Video of the 49th General Assembly.

 · Click HERE to see Photos from the 49th General Assembly.